Basic Training

The most comprehensive grandMA3 online learning system on the Internet.

The aim of the course is to learn all the relevant skills that are required to program a show. There is also a lot of practical tips on desk organization and sensible handling of show content.

Based on a real show situation, a complete festival programming will be implemented during the course.

The Basic Training course consists of 4 courses and 50 lessons. The First Course is for free. You can buy the entire Basic Track with all 4 courses at a reduced total price or only individual courses with the lessons included.

  • 50 videos, some interactive with learning games
  • 150 learning tasks for self controlling
  • 20 pages of PDF documents for downloading
  • 3 showfiles for downloading
  • 50 lessons with information
  • Downloadable certificate with your result

Please note!

The complete track with all 4 courses will be finished until the end of July 2020. Course 1, 2 and 3 are available now. If you book the package with all 4 courses before end of July, you will get this special price of Euro 89,00. You will receive an email notification when the courses are online. Later the default price for this Basic Training will be Euro 129,00.

First Course for free

4 Courses in this track / Package Price Euro 89.00*

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