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The use of variables in programming expands the possibilities many times over.

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In extended programming processes, variables have become indispensable. The grandMA3 has a new modified syntax for variables, which makes their use even more effective and expands their possibilities many times over.

This course includes over 40 min of exclusive video material on the grandMA3 topic variables. Tasks and information for intensive learning are available on 14 downloadable pages. The working material accompanies each course and also serves as a reference work for all programming processes. A finished show file is also available for download. This means that all skills learned are tested and deepened.

  • What exactly are “variables“? What types of variables are there? How are these variables created, queried and deleted again? All of this is shown in this lesson.
  • query and use variables” Variables is about how values ​​are entered into variables and then used to perform programming operations.
  • Variables are the ultimate helpers for programming processes. “variables for attributes” shows you how to use them effectively and powerfull.
  • How can variables be combined to directly initiate processes or create new variables. “combine variables” deals with this topic, which is so important for us.
  • We can “calculate with variables“. How to do the 4 basic arithmetic.

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