Syntax and Macros

Get to know the intuitive operation of the gMA3 console.

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This course provides a basic understanding of programming syntax. The use of commands in general is covered and the basic philosophy of grandMA3 syntax is conveyed.

This course includes over 1 hour of exclusive video material on the grandMA3 syntax. Tasks and information for intensive learning are available on 34 downloadable pages. The working material accompanies each lesson and also serves as a reference work for all programming processes. A finished show file is also available for download. This means that all skills learned are tested and deepened.

  • In the “Online Learning” course, the topic of successful learning is dealt with in general.
  • talk to your desk” introduces you to the general syntax of the grandMA3 software.
  • In the “simple commands” lesson, panel operations are controlled by typing on the command line. New possibilities of programming in this software.
  • commands everywhere” deals with all places where commands can be used. Automation knows no borders.
  • The Command Line Window is the subject of the “CMD line history” lesson. Everything you need to know about it is revealed here.
  • selection syntax” is perhaps the most important topic in this course. The basis for understanding the grandMA3 philosophy.
  • Do you want to be fast when programming? “if Output / ifActive / ifProg” are commands that will become indispensable for you.
  • The targeted use of deselection and its use as a filter. Without understanding the “deselection “if”” makes advanced programming almost impossible.
  • The “special characters” are discussed and all functions are explained. Essential for a full understanding of syntax.

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