Syntax and Macros

The macros make the difference in speed and workflow.

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The Macropool as the central point for our automated processes. Of course, we need to know exactly how it works and what facility options this place offers us. Macros can quickly become several hundred lines long. Fast navigation and the creation of entire blocks is then essential.

This course includes over 45 min of exclusive video material on the grandMA3 topic of macros. Tasks and information for intensive learning are available on 14 downloadable pages. The working material accompanies each lesson and also serves as a reference work for all programming processes. A finished show file is also available for download. This means that all skills learned are tested and deepened.

  • macros overview” gives a deep insight into the macro pool and its structure. Functions are explained and the extended options that are available in the grandMA3 software in this regard.
  • The macro edit window is our place where we create macros. “navigation in edit window” shows shortcuts and tricks for usage.
  • In the lesson “single row macros” many small helpers are written to make our everyday programming easier.
  • multiline macros” are really fun. Complex processes can be automated here. All annoying processes that are repeated over and over again can be summarized in complex macros.
  • This example of an “update macro” will give you a new understanding of independent programming behavior.
  • How do “delay times” react in macros and why is that so important for us?
  • Macros storing macros. “Placeholders” to create user interfaces that anyone can work with.

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