Timecode Useful Macros

There are a few useful macros in the macropool of the timecode show file.

Important operational commands.

Start a Timecode ShowGo Timecode  x
Stop a Timecode ShowOff Timecode x
Start a Timecode GeneratorGo Timecodeslot x
Stop a Timecode GeneratorOff Timecodeslot x
Paus a Timecode Showpaus Timecode x
Set AutoStart to Onset Timecode x autostart on
Set AutoStart to Offset Timecode x autostart no
Set AutoStop to Onset Timecode x autostop on
Set AutoStop to Offset Timecode x autostop no
Set a Cursor Positionset Timecode x cursor y
Set Cursor to beginningtop Timecode x
Set the duration of a Timecode Showset Timecode x duration y
Set a Timecode Show to a Timecode Slotset Timecode x tcslot y
Set an offset for a Timecode Showset Timecode x offsettcslot y


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