The executors are handles and controls to other objects.

They are often used to control sequences, but they can control other objects.

The idea is that an object (for instance a sequence) is assigned to the executor. The executor is then controlling the object.

Notice: Several executors can control the same object.

A sequence assigned to an executor is actually running cues from the sequence pool. In essence, the executor is manipulating or sending commands to the sequence in the pool.

Executor Pages

Pages are also organized in pools. The page pool is also available as a pop-up, that can be opened by tapping the middle part of the page selector.

Pages are automatically created when the Page+ and Page- keys are used to change through the pages. The up and down arrows in the page selector can also be used to change the page just like the physical keys.

Playback Window

The playback window has settings that can show or hide the executor rows. It can also show or hide the labels and the executor handles. This makes it very flexible. For instance, it could just show the labels for the 200 row of executors or just the executor handles for the 100 row executors.


Track: Basic Training
Course: Show Programming 01