Cue Only

Cue Only is a store option for cues. When storing into a cue with the Cue Only, the tracked values will be blocked in the next cue or cue part to preserve the previous look on stage. The actual values of the programmer will only be stored in the target cue

Notice : As command line option /CueOnly or /CO: 

Will store the actual programmer content as cue only into a cue of the selected sequence.In the store options toggle the Cue Only option.

To open the store options, press and hold Store for at least 2 seconds.

In the Store Cue pop-up: When storing onto an existing cue, the Store Cue pop-up will appear and ask whether to Overwrite, Merge, Remove, Release or Cancel the current store operation. It is also possible to decide if the cue is to be stored with active cue only within the pop-up. Remove and Release can be used for Cue Only. The pop-up only appears if the desired cue is not the last one in the sequence. 


Track: Basic Training
Course: Show Programming 01